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Want to show your love for a movie, TV show, band, or person? Make a fan edit video! They often have text and music added to the video to highlight different features as well.

In this article, I'll be showing you how to make your own for free on your phone or computer. Here's an example I made expressing my love for the TV show Friends :.

This will allow you to download the video again, share it with your friends, or return to the Studio to make further edits! For more ideas, tutorials, and features, check back in at the Kapwing Resources page or our YouTube channel! All Kapwing tools are free and don't require sign-in or downloads!

Step 2: Upload your videos and images Next, upload or paste the link to the videos and images you want to include in your fan edit video.

In this example, I pasted the videos' YouTube links directly in the box. Change the video dimensions on the left sidebar — you can optimize it for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook, and YouTube.

Best Fan Video Edits Apps in 2019

Add music : Click "Audio" in the menu bar and upload or paste the link to the music you want. Tip: Audio Library is a great source for royalty free music! Add text : Clicking "Text" in the menu bar will create a resizable text box where you can adjust fonts, colors, and style. Tip: you can copy paste emojis into the text boxes. To adjust the timing of text: choose "Timeline" in the main menu bar and move the purple bars to where you want each caption to appear.

Step 4: Download and share! Hit "Publish" when you're satisfied with your fan edit video, then download the finished product! Make sure to share it with other fans — you can do this by copy and pasting the video page link.

Kapwing Resources.How to Make a Fan Video. A fan video is a great way to showcase your creativity and love for a show or movie. Fans put together their favorite scenes and set them to music.

fan edits

Another type of fan video requires actual filming; people act like specific characters and those clips are also set to music. Then the videos are uploaded to the web to share with others who like the same show or movie. Follow these steps to create your own fan video. Make sure you have the necessary equipment.

You must have the ability to upload TV shows or movies to your computer and a video-editing program. If you are taping your own clips, you will need a video camera. The editing program will allow you to cut and edit the video footage from the show or your camera and put the clips together. Decide which TV show or movie you will feature in your fan video.

If you are using scenes from an actual show or movie, you will obviously need to be able to access it to upload it to your computer. Act the part. If you are interested in filming your own scenes, create a plot for your video. Then, prepare your script, costumes and make-up. Get some friends or family to act in your scenes. Determine your theme. Good fan videos have an overall theme.

For example, you might focus on a prominent relationship between two characters or feature some of the funniest moments in the show or movie. Select the scenes from the TV show or movie that fit well with your theme, and then choose a song to go along with your video clips.

You need a song that meshes well with your theme and makes the video fun to watch. Step 1 Make sure you have the necessary equipment. Step 2 Decide which TV show or movie you will feature in your fan video.

fan edits

Step 3 Act the part. Step 4 Determine your theme. Step 5 Select the scenes from the TV show or movie that fit well with your theme, and then choose a song to go along with your video clips. Step 6 Upload your fan video to a video sharing website once it is complete. Share this article. Show Comments.A fan edit clip is the version of a film by a viewer that removes, reorders, or adds material for a new interpretation of the source material.

Fans usually make a montage of movies, TV series cut and stories for Instagram. It consists of choosing video clips, adding music and visual effects, and cutting and joining them together. With the tools suggested below, your fan edits will be more resonant and engaging. You can make fan video edits quickly, either with basic functions or more creative and customized features.

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Check out how to properly express enthusiasm by making a video of your own. LightMV is your top choice if you want a hassle-free and one-stop fan video edits app. With its built-in templates, you can present a video in minutes. The best part is you can make fan edits online without any downloads. This cloud-based video creation platform can give you some inspirations on how to make a fan edit.

Another online editing tool is Kapwing.

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You can either edit it with a template or set your imagination free to create a masterpiece with a video maker workspace.

Biven above are your best helpers when it comes to how to make fan video edits. If you want to make further edits like making a vlogBeeCut can offer you more options to set your imagination free. If you have other recommendations for making fan video edits, leave your comment below. Novice guide. Video tutorials. Rating: 4. Last updated on November 19, Leave a Comment 0 Comment.

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Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.These are not the edits you're looking for. Star Wars screencap Do you ever finish watching a movie and wish it had been done slightly differently? You're not alone. Most fan edits correct errors in movies, or add in deleted scenes. However, some ambitious people edit different movies together to make something totally new. It's difficult to describe the plot of 'Bateman Begins', but it uses the rough outline of 'Batman Begins' as the movie's beginning, and then Christian Bale is shown to become more deranged and violent using footage from 'American Psycho' and 'The Machinist'.

It sounds bizarre, and it is, but it makes for an entertaining watch. In case you hadn't guessed, this is the original 'Star Wars' movie re-sorted by shot length.

That's right, some eager 'Star Wars' fans made exact measurements of how long each camera angle lasts for and rearranged the entire movie. Is it watchable? No, not really, it's difficult to make sense of the movie now.

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But it does show just how dedicated 'Star Wars' fans are, and forces you to look at the movie in an entirely different way. You can watch the whole movie here. Here's the creator of the fan edit explaining why he made the changes :. With a passion. He is not funny. Never was. His annoying presence stands out even more in Caddyshack next to comedic greats like Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. Even the biggest 'Anchorman' fans don't usually know that there's an entire movie made from deleted scenes of the original film.

fan edits

Here's the trailer for the alternate version of 'Anchorman' that this fan edit sources its extra content from:. Pierce Brosnan's last movie as James Bond, 'Die Another Day', was meant to be a Hollywood spectacular, a classic Bond movie where the spy faces off against a sinister North Korean threat.

Instead, the movie was slated by critics, filled with poor CGI, product placement and needless action sequences. Icarus is a fan edit of the movie that seeks to restore the movie to something worthy of the James Bond series' status. It cuts out the lame "invisible car" CGI, the Madonna scenes, and the "Yo' momma" jokes to make the movie darker and more mature.

In many of the biggest names in the 'Star Wars' series worked together to produce a one-off TV special that was, in all regards, completely disastrous. It was so bad that it was broadcast once and never retransmitted or released again.

Thankfully, one enterprising fan has edited down the feature-length original show into 18 surreal minutes. Highlights include Princess Leia's singing, Chewbacca's weirdly costumed family, singing and dancing sequences, comedy, and the first appearance of Mark Hamill since a serious car accident. You can view the full video here. There are plenty of re-edits of the first 'Star Wars' prequel to choose from, but we selected this one because it does something totally different with the existing footage.

Instead of just "fixing" the story by removing Jar Jar Binks, this edit silences all of the dialogue, letting John Williams' score from various 'Star Wars' movies remain as the only audio. Subtitles are used to advance the plot, turning everyone's most-hated 'Star Wars' movie into a surreal foreign-language movie.

The editor behind this project says that removing all of George Lucas' dialogue actually makes for a better movie.It's been a while since I posted anything new here and due to lack of interest, the most downloads I ever had was twenty I will probably not continue to create any more fan edits. My theory about reducing the running time of old Doctor Who episodes and making them as or more entertaining is something I might return to in future but probably not under the Zagreus banner.

I will leave this for a few weeks so please contact me with anything constructive. The Only Water in the Forest is a River. Friday, 22 October Genesis of the Daleks. Thought I'd try my hand at editing a classic. I'm sure you are familiar with the original six parter but next time you watch it why not go for my seventy two minute fan edit? So what's new with this one? I've used a new start and end titles from the Whomix website.

Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties

Rejigged the ending slightly and trimmed it down to roughly half the original running time. Hope you like it. Genesis of the Daleks Zagreus F.

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Friday, 10 September Colony in Space. It's very good but six parts might be a bit of a stretch. That's why I have trimmed it down to two episodes slightly both slightly over forty five minutes. Saving an hour of your time. Labels: fan edit. Saturday, 28 August Radio interview with Chris Eccleston. It's a two hour show but not much chat about DW. At the point Mark asks Chris about the show he somehow manages to switch the subject to James Bond of all things.

It's only on iPlayer for three more days but here's a link to an mp3! Friday, 27 August Inferno. Trying something different now. Instead of a single feature I'm going for episodic approach with this one. The remaining five episodes are probably going to be covered by two episodes so it will be a seven parter down to a three parter if all goes to plan. I realise now I forgot to my production ident so I will post another version at some point.

Here's the link anyway. Here is an edited version of this Pertwee four parter. The running time is reduced by 25 minutes which is pretty good considering how tight it is to begin with. The most radical cut it was the doctor and Jo's escape attempt near the end. Sadly we lose the scenes where Jo hits the controller over the head with a vase and then get to ride around on buggies while being chased by Ogrons.The romantic myth of an author sitting alone in their room and emerging with a finished book is just that: a myth.

Writing is a tough skill to master. Good books are the product of talent, craft, revision and more revision. From developmental editing — with advice on story and structure — to copy editing and proofreading, working with a range of book editors is absolutely crucial when writing a book. But where can you find the professionals with the right experience in your genre to take your story to the next level?

Search for editors near you. Experienced copy editor of fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, and speculative fiction. Specializes in working with indie authors. Specialist non-fiction editor, formerly at Yale University Press, with twenty years' experience.

Experienced proofreader and copyeditor formerly employed at OUP and Routledge.

These Are the 5 Best 'Star Wars' Fan Edits

Interested in work in any subject, field or level of English. I'm a non-fiction editor and proofreader with a passion for food and healthy eating. Sign up with facebook or. However, as is always the case in creative endeavours, critique can be hard to accept. In the words of one of our Reedsy editors:. Editing styles vary as much as writing styles do, so when choosing an editor to collaborate with, consider how your early communications with this potential partner make you feel.

We give you choice, flexibility, and access to the best editorial talent out there. Every single freelance editor on the Reedsy marketplace has been carefully selected. They all have extensive experience and ample portfolios. When you browse through the professional book editors on Reedsy, you can refine your search by type of editing and genre. You can then approach several editors at the same time with a project brief and sample of your book.


There are no set fees and each editor can offer you an individual quote. This means you will receive a range of quotes and responses to your brief, allowing you to choose the best editor for your book. Reedsy allows professionals to set their own fees. Once a year, we analyze the data from our marketplace and make it public in a blog post.

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Click here to learn more. That is why Reedsy also offers a project protection policy, promising to act as a third-party intermediary to resolve any disputes, and offering refunds when appropriate. Everyone uses different definitions for different types of editing. To make things a bit more transparent, here are our Reedsy definitions that all our book editors respect. Make sure you know what kind of editing you need or are looking for before you reach out to them!

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